Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Berega 2015 - Week 3

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow the Team from Congleton will leave Berega to start their journey home. We will certainly miss them all. Last night (Monday) we had a farewell evening meal with various members of the village community. It was a great mix of informal questions and answers from both sides, learning more about each other and our way of life, along with formal speeches of thanks. One really encouraging word came from Pastor James of St Mary’s Church who said “ I have learnt something special from the way the men and women worked together in the team” This is a great testimony to the unity of the team.

We all enjoyed some rest and relaxation on Friday and Saturday by going on Safari to Mikumi National Park, which is the world centre for the study of Baboons. Believe it or not the animal we saw the least of, apart for the lions, with only one spotted, was the Baboon! Everyone enjoyed the amazing vistas across the vast open spaces along with the animals in their natural habitat.

There is much to celebrate in all that has been achieved, so much that will bring benefit to very many people, through the love and hard work of the Team. Just showing a list of physical things that have been completed doesn't tell the whole story. The friendships that have been forged and the sharing of The Gospel on so many occasions, the prayer with and for individuals, the fun brought into the lives of hundreds of children through the Kids Clubs, not to mention the massive blessing it has been to be here for the Team. We have all learnt so much and it will hopefully transform our lives for good.

So what has been done?
  • The painting of the SONAB Tutorial block inside and out.
  • 5 rainwater harvesting tanks.
  • Building a classroom at SONAB which will be completed before the Merland Rise Team leave.
  • Decorated two classrooms at the Orphanage.
  • Ran three kids clubs.
  • Teaching biology at the Girls Secondary School.
  • Teaching English at the Bishop Chitamau School.
  • Attending outreach clinics with the Hospital Health team.
  • A new roof on the Orphanage Directors shed and storage container.
  • An evangelistic film evening for families, showing the Jesus story in part film and part animation.
  • There will be three follow up film evenings showing what it means to be a Christian run at the Church.
Please pray for a safe journey home for the Congleton Team and for those who remain in Berega for another week.
Painted SONAB Tutorial Block (click for full size image)

Completed Water Tank (click for full size image)

SONAB Classroom Ready For The Roof (click for full size image)


  1. Wow! So much achieved in such a short time. Well done all team members. We are praying for a safe journey home for Congleton Team and another week of blessing for the remaining team, including my hubby!

  2. You have achieved so much with all your hard work and doesn't the Tutorial Block look amazing! What a great team you are. You will no doubt bring home some wonderful memories - despite the bed bugs!
    Every blessing
    Pat and Tony Mortimer
    Mission Morogoro