Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Berega 2015 - Week 1

The two teams arrived to typical British weather, cold and cloudy! They are settling in well and getting used to their new surroundings.

Our building work has been delayed slightly as the village water pump has broken down and we have no water for mortar etc. This should be fixed soon but in the mean time there are plenty of other jobs to be getting on with.

Today, Tuesday, we start painting, inside and out, the SONAB tutorial block that BREAD recently funded the construction of and that has just been completed. It will provide offices for the four tutors and student interview rooms, all of which were a government requirement for full registration. 

This recent breakdown of the village pump has highlighted once again the scarcity of that most precious recourse,water. With this in mind we are glad to report that we will be installing at least five, five thousand litre water harvesting tanks and associated guttering. This will provide good drinking and cooking water for a family throughout most of the dry season when full. Our training for this work starts today.

Please pray for the teams as they settle in to their new surrounding and start work and for the water situation.

-- Gary

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