Thursday, 6 August 2015

Berega 2015 - Week 1 Update

The teams have already dug and laid the foundations for 3 water harvesting tanks. This is no mean feat in the hard dry clay of Berega. We are now planning to do 7 of these tanks around the village so there's still plenty to do. The painting of the tutorial block is progressing nicely as we renew our friendship with our fundi (workman) Jonny. Jonny has worked with us on every trip since 2002 and we are always glad to see him, not least because he’s a great decorator.

Wednesday saw the first of 3 kids clubs the teams are running at St Mary’s church. despite some set backs, more about that later, around 300 children came. The event was advertised the night before by a man touring the local villages on a piki piki (motorbike) with a loud hailer! They enjoyed games and a story about Jesus with the giant parachute game causing much hysterical noise. It was lovely to see so many children having fun together and to renew our friendship with Mumma Msami the Sunday School teacher who has been there since our first trip.

The one minor set back we have encountered is a problem with bed bugs in a couple of the rooms. Our first attempt at fumigation failed so we had to call in an expert to deal with them and this meant vacating the rooms for 24 hours to allow the fumes to disperse and be safe again. With great grace and patience the team dispersed to various locations across the village and spent what for some was an uncomfortable night.

Please pray for the teams well being and the elimination of the bed bugs!

-- Gary & Mike

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