Sunday, 23 August 2015

Berega 2015 - Week 4

How quickly time flies! Just last week we were saying farewell to our team mates from Congleton, knowing we still had a week left here in Berega. Well if three weeks went quickly this last week has gone even faster. Today (Sunday) we have said farewell at St Mary’s Church to a number of friends old and new. Isaac Mgego the Hospital Director led the service and a number of very kind things were said about the teams. We of course feel that we too have gained so much from the whole experience.

The finishing touches to some of the jobs mentioned in the previous blog will be completed on Monday leaving enough time to pack ready for the long journey home. At the last minute Mike has been requested to help set up a simple accounting package for the hospital pharmacy which he is hoping to finish on Monday with training of the accountant. This will enable better stock, cost and sales control.

Because of the generosity of all those who supported the team they have been able to do even more than planned. They have given substantial donations towards:

  • The building of a house for the Catechist to replace the old dilapidated home
  • Building a new home for the retiring Director of the Bible School, who has hosted a number of teams over the past thirteen years.
  • The connection of 11 hospital workers houses to the electricity supply.
  • The purchase of furniture for the newly built SONAB classroom and Tutorial Block
  • Text books for the secondary school
  • Rainwater Harvesting tank for the Roman Catholic Church. By now certain members of the team have become expert in the construction of water storage tank plinths. Amazingly the construction was completed from start to finish in two days. The Guttering and tank fitting will be completed as our final job on Monday. Well done Joe and Kris! The leaders of the Church were delighted as this will benefit a good number of people outside of the immediate Berega village catchment.

There are always a number of mixed emotions when leaving, sad to say goodbye to the many good friends and work colleagues we have made but glad to be coming home to our loved ones. All the team members are so grateful to their families and churches for the support they have given them to enable them to make this trip. It has been a great privilege to serve God and the people of Berega but in truth we have gained far more that we could ever give. So thank you all for all your help. Hopefully we won’t bore you too much with our stories of our time here in Berega!

Asante Sana (Thank you very much)

Mungu bariki (God Bless)

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