Saturday, 28 July 2012

We are here

We finally arrived in Berega after 30 hours travelling to a warm welcome from Isaac and Dani and a very welcome meal from Frieda. With only minor delays due to "technical difficulties" (men with screwdrivers and worried looks working at the emergency exits) we made it safely and are thankful to God for travelling mercies.

We have been made immediately aware of one of the major problems here in Berega, the shortage of water. With reduced water table and problems with the solar powered pump means we have no water in the tank at our new home "Korintho"  Fortunately there is still some rainwater stored so we can make a cuppa! However, great care has to be taken with this precious resource so baths and long hot showers are out of the question.

It is a good reminder to us when we moan at how much rain we have had of late in the UK that it is essential for life and we should be grateful. It's also a real encouragement for the team that is coming from home and for supporters of BREAD at just how important the rainwater harvesting projects are in helping with this problem. We are looking forward to checking out progress on the new rainwater tanks that are being installed around the village, thanks to people's kindness.

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