Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Lazy Sunday Afternoon & Manic Monday!

The Rt Rev Godfrey Sehaba Bishop of Morogoro

After a lazy Sunday, attending the 09:30 service at Church (which started at 10:15!) and a gentle stroll up to the airstrip, Monday was just the opposite. An early start and a 2 hour drive to Morogoro where we met with the Bishop of Morogoro, Godfrey Sehaba. It was good to hear from Godfrey on the different ways in which BREAD has made a difference in Berega and the wider community and also to catch up on news of his family.


Then it was off to the market and shops to get all the project equipment and food for the team of young people coming to Berega on Friday. We bought enough paint to cover the Severn Bridge, actually the Out Patients Department and offices in the hospital and all the associated parafinalia needed.

Food shopping was an interesting experience as it spanned over several markets and shops and many miles! Seemingly there is no such thing as a "One stop shop" in Tanzania. Eventually the Land Rover was filled to the gunnels, including 2 pastors we gave a lift to and several items on the roof. The journey home seemed even slower than going but thanks to mobile Internet I was able to do my emails whilst travelling.  The really rewarding thing was to see the face of Frieda, who is cooking for the team, when she viewed the fare. The rice got particularly  high praise as it is apparently of the highest quality, I'm looking forward to eating it, that's for sure.

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