Tuesday, 31 July 2012

360° Panoramas

As Gary said in the first entry, I've been taking photos and videos of Berega to make a promo video for BREAD. While I'm here I've also been making a number of 360° Panoramas to allow people to experience something of what the hospital and the village are like.

Below are all the panoramas I have take so far in flat image form. If you click on each one it'll take you to the flickr page where you can view the image in different sizes.

Berega Orphenage

St Mary's Church

Lay Training Centre

SONAB - School of Nursing at Berega

Hospital Maternity Waiting Home

Hospital: Outpatient Centre, Maternity Ward

Hospital: X-Ray, Theatre, Infusion, Wards 2&3, Offices

Although the internet here is amazingly good when you think of where we are it's not quite meaty enough to withstand me uploading the full immersive panoramas (similar to Google StreetView). Once I'm back in the UK next week, I will upload them from there and make another post once those are available.


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